WWRL – A Welcoming Community

Woman’s Way Red Lodge invites you to participate in an expanding community that deeply honors the ancient and evolving wisdom of woman’s way. We welcome people of all genders and sexual identities to join in diverse circles that meet our individual and collective yearning to walk in integrity – curious and willing to discover, practice and share our true gifts – as we create safe harbor, ceremony and celebrations to sustain and nurture all of life.

Self-Organizing and Evolving

Red Lodge is a living network of individuals and communities learning from each other to meet these changing times with grace. Often gathering in circles, we share a love of Mother Earth and work together to build co-operative, sustainable ways to live here in harmony (see 15 Principles We Share).

Red Lodge originated in the Pacific Northwest, arising from the dreams and experiences of hundreds of women who have co-created Woman’s Way Long Dance, an annual spiritual retreat, for over twenty years.

As Red Lodge grows, our members are starting drum circles and hoops, and offering events, ceremonies, workshops, and mentoring in more geographical areas. Members and subscribers range coast to coast across the United States and overseas in England and Kenya.

Men and families are welcome at many of our gatherings. Some of our programs are for women only. To learn more about us, check out the menu to the left.

That’s about us, how about you? We’d love to meet you. For many ways to meet us in person, see Events.