Living from the Core – We agree to live from the core with impeccability, taking responsibility to act consciously with the intention of loving.

Direct Spiritual Access – We believe that each of us has the ability to access
Spirit directly. We respect our own and each other’s autonomy and

Willingness to Step into Power & Service – We are willing, each in a unique
way, to step into our power in service of the highest good of the community.

Sustainability – We commit to conserve, recycle and renew resources, to
generate income through right livelihood, and listen to our sense of

Reverence for Life – We honor the interconnected web of all life. Daily life is
sacred. We believe that all beings are graced with the fundamental right to

Inclusiveness and Acceptance – We value diversity, honoring the sacredness
of each person’s heritage, experience, wisdom and contribution to the whole.

Collaboration – We work and play co-creatively among ourselves and with
other groups with complementary purposes and principles.

Gratitude and Generosity – Gratitude is fundamental to our way of being in
the world, and we generously give back to our communities and to Mother
Earth in a spirit of deep appreciation.

Witnessing – With aware presence, we witness who we each are today.

Willingness to Play and Laugh at Ourselves – Our most practical magic!

Embracing Paradox – We accept and (at times!) embrace the creative
interplay of opposites: light/shadows, tradition/evolution, freedom/limits,

Seeking Knowledge of the Ways of Wisdom – We step into our sacred
lineage, honoring the wisdom of our ancestors, elders and youngers.

Generativity – We commit to generating positive and creative energy to pass
on to future generations.

Balancing Feminine and Masculine – We honor the beauty, passion, power
and expression of the dance of inner feminine and masculine.

Our Bodies Open Us To Mystery – We experience connection with Spirit
through our bodies. We honor and celebrate our deep, visceral and intuitive
body connectedness with nature and our natural cycles. Our bodies are
living portals into Mystery.