organic, inclusive and evolving

Woman’s way is being born, remembered, created, dreamed and practiced
by many women in many places. It is the remembering and growing of a
way of living with Spirit that is very, very old and very, very, new.

Woman co-creates her life in a deep visceral body connection with nature
and natural cycles. She remembers the wisdom of our ancestors, celebrates
the beauty in what is, and honors her intuitive sensing.

Organically alive, the words, rituals, and practices of woman’s way change–
ever deepening our awareness of how to nurture, heal, and thrive in
community. We each bring ourselves to the dance, offering our unique gifts.

At the heart of all this is a direct, personal connection to Spirit, to mystery,
known by all names that are sacred, calling us to be fully alive.


by Kristina Turner

Red is the color we see when what is
Inside emerges to meet the world.

Red is ruby lips, speaking words of love.
And red is birth –
We are all born from mother’s red river,
Each body knowing the womb’s red dance.

Red is the color of molten lava
And the unfurling rose, the color of revolution.

Surely this is the time for a revolution of
Consciousness on Earth –

Time for the deep feminine inside each of us
To come to the surface,
Bringing up her wisdom and compassion
In service to Mother Earth.

Red sings us inside
To touch the tender place that cherishes all life,
That knows the drumbeat of Mother’s heart,
And trusts we can do this together