weave us together

Women instinctively form circles to enrich our lives. Within circle,
all are equally valued. Care and wisdom flow round to each generation.

Woman’s way is woven into all the circles and lodges of Red Lodge, offering
balance to old ways which have, in many cultures around the globe, excluded women’s wisdom for too many generations.

In answer to the call from so many wise elders – from the Dalai Lama to the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers – Red Lodge is contributing to the river of feminine wisdom surging up now to bring balance to Mother Earth.

WWRL is a welcoming community. People of all genders and orientations are invited to join Red Lodge and attend community gatherings, workshops, ceremonies, circles and mixed sweat lodges open to all. And some WWRL hoops, lodges and empowering ceremonies are offered for women only.  We aspire to meet diverse needs for circle and community with ease, grace and creativity and we are open to learning how!

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