our mother’s mother’s heartbeats are with us

Our medicine drums are leading Red Lodge into our communities to share
the vision and healing power of the Earth’s heartbeat.

Red Lodge drum circles are intimate gatherings to explore creating
ceremony, prayer and song together. The magic of the drums opens us to the
worlds of vision, experience and learning. Here we make time and space to
share wisdom teachings, to listen for spirit and find our way to the inner
realms of reflection.

Connecting through the drums takes us to a special place where we can
nurture and renew our spirits, minds, emotions and body. Red Lodge drum
circles are a fun, happy and deep way to strengthen the fabric of community
and find your place in the beautiful tapestry we weave together.

To read more about the Medicine of Community Drums, click here

For times and locations of Red Lodge Drum Circles, click each one:

South Sound Women’s Drum Circle, Olympia WA

South Seattle Community Drum Circle, Normandy Park WA

Flagstaff Drum Circle, Flagstaff AZ