Drumming Into the Seasons in Flagstaff, AZ

Questions? Email drumseasons@wwrl.org!

With the love and support of the Woman’s Way Red Lodge community, the 
Flagstaff Hoop, and the Northern Arizona Drum Council, Zendaya: Sacred Yellow 
Drum was brought into material reality OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAon
 May 28, 2011. Our community drum, Zendaya came to ground with the help of her
 sister drums Buffalo Heart and Otter Woman, who drummed continuous beats 
for six hours while fifteen womyn midwifed her into this earthly realm! At the
 end of her birthing weekend, men and womyn gathered at Sunset Crater at 
sunrise to welcome and honor this new be-ing into our hearts. On June 12, 2011 we awakened Sacred Yellow Drum (later to be named Zendaya) at Buffalo Park in Flagstaff. Currently we hold four Drumming Into the Seasons events each year that 
honor the turning of the wheel.



All our community drum circles are open to
 womyn, children, men, and any in-betweens. The schedule and locations for these and other “Drum Waves” (spontaneous drumming events) can be found on our Facebook page or please email your questions to the contact address listed above!