• I am Mother Earth’s heartbeat and the sacred gift of Creation.
• I am the universal heartbeat of the seen and unseen worlds.
• I ground people in the truth of their existence. I put people in touch with creation itself.
• I speak to all people equally and peacefully.
• I fulfill and create spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance.
• I am the practice of peace.
• I am a powerful non-verbal form of peaceful communication.
• I am renewal, rebirth and fulfillment.
• I am the pulse of the Universe and the ancient wisdom of the Ancestors.
• I am alert, alive and ready to move the drummer to another state of consciousness.
• My top represents the sky. My bottom represents the earth. My stitching
represents the warriors for peace who play me.
• The hand of the drummer should not be raised above the heart, for I am
• I release tension, emotional stress and mental fatigue.
• I reconnect and heal the natural rhythms of the drummer.
• I take you to the dream world where your unconscious can speak with
your conscious in safety and harmony.
• When you play me, there is a synchronization of energy, a unity of
common purpose.
• When you hear the rhythm of the group drumming and contribute your
beat and your breath, you are listening, playing, opening, receiving and
creating at the same time.
• When you join together to play me, you play as one heartbeat – each
embracing one arm of the grandmother. One heartbeat can heal