how to weave a woman’s way hoop in your community

“Gorgeous, stunning, deep, rich, WOW,” says Connor Sauer. This user-friendly
handbook by Kristina Turner and Mary G.L. Shackelford is FREE
to Red Lodge Members interested in starting hoops!

Chapter by chapter it guides you to dream and create your hoop. Learn
how to gather an intergenerational circle for a 9-month journey to explore
woman’s way mentoring and leadership, ceremony, singing, drumming and
heartfelt connection. Included are guided meditations, song sheets, poetry,
readings, tips for guiding the flow of each meeting and much more!

The handbook comes with a standing invitation to step into relationship
with other Red Lodge members facilitating hoops. While written to guide
women’s circles, we hope there is much here that can inspire
a mixed-gender hoop facilitator in sharing woman’s circle wisdom
with your community (email to weavinghoops@wwrl.org with feedback!).

We offer this tool to bring us together and spark each of our
creative energies. As new hoops form each year,
woman’s way wisdom continues to pour through this project!

FREE to Red Lodge members – email us at weavinghoops@wwrl.org and
we’ll send you this 112 page e-book! If you wish to offer an exchange, we
suggest you donate to a nonprofit organization of your choice to empower
women world-wide, such as Women-to-Women International or KIVA.
You may also sample the first few chapters of the Hoop Handbook here.