tie our prayer ties to the heavens

Our sweat lodges align with the tradition that the lodge structure is the womb of the Mother Earth and the stones, ritually gathered, are the bones of her body. We are invited to enter into this womb, to purify and release, to receive the love and nurturing of the mother and emerge newly birthed, that we may walk our prayers into the unfolding possibility of our lives. The sweat lodge prayer ceremony is created with spirit–an opportunity to allow spirit to pour through us as we sit in the presence of mystery, to talk to and listen to spirit.

Red Lodge offers several opportunities to participate in sweat lodge ceremony in the Puget Sound, WA area (click below for descriptions):

Woman’s Way Lodge (women only)
Burton Hill Lodge (women and men)

To inquire about attending a lodge or to learn more about the ways of service to sweatlodge, contact us at sweatlodge@wwrl.org.