women gather together

Evolving in a creative form through many years, Woman’s Way Lodge is one of several interwoven ceremonies that honor the blood mysteries, nurturing the life-giving power within women by connecting with our bodies and Mother Earth in a sacred way.

In the lodge, women lay prayers on the stones as we purify–honing down to the bare bones of our essence, surrendering to the embrace of the Mother, there in her womb. Through song and prayer, we seek guidance and wisdom and join together to support each other in emptying, clearing, opening and nurturing renewal. Upon emerging, we are birthed into the arms of a waiting mother who welcomes each woman as a new babe into the world.

Woman’s Way Lodge is currently offered for Imbolc (early February) and Giving Thanks (late November) in the Puget Sound area and may also be scheduled by special request.

To inquire about attending, contact sweatlodge@wwrl.org.