Event Promotion Form

Woman’s Way Red Lodge is excited to have you coordinating an event with/for us! In order to meet your promotional needs, please fill out this form as soon as possible following WWRL Board approval of your Program Support Application Form. Filling out this Event Promotion form a month or more in advance is ideal. Filling it out two weeks in advance is REQUIRED. Forms filled out with less than two weeks notice may not have all their advertising requests met.

Hoop Facilitator Agreement Form

We are excited to partner with you in creating a Hoop in your area! If you are not already a member of WWRL, please join first by clicking here. Then, see the steps outlined here for more information on Hoop responsibilities and details. After you’ve reviewed these items, fill out the Hoop Facilitator Agreement form here.

Leadership Fund Request Form

The WWRL Leadership Fund encourages each member in Red Lodge to develop your leadership abilities and claim your role as a spiritual warrior in our rapidly transforming world. This fund is available to assist anyone in joining as a Lodge Circle member or Support Circle member. It also assists Red Lodge leaders in attending meetings and trainings. To inquire about funds, visit this page or fill out the form here. We look forward to helping you grow in your leadership goals!

Program Evaluation Survey

Please fill out this survey upon completion of a WWRL program. Email with any questions. Thank you for your participation in WWRL programs and for taking the time to fill out the survey here.

Program Support Application Form

Partnership, Sponsorship, and Produced Programs through Woman’s Way Red Lodge is an evolution of our walk with Woman’s Way Red Lodge. Valuing the 15 Principles we share, we see these programs as upholding several principles including Collaboration, Sustainability, Inclusiveness and Acceptance, and a Willingness to Step Into Power and Service. As Many have said, “100 women, 100 ways.” We know this extends to all people. Programs offered through and by WWRL mutually supports our organization, its members, and our communities.

If you are not yet a WWRL member, kindly join before completing this form. To become a member, click here.

Statistics Reporting Form

Program leaders and coordinators – Please fill this form out following any WWRL sponsored, partnered, or created event.

Volunteer Application Form

Be Hearth Core! Fill out the application form here so we can learn more about you and the beautiful ways that you co-create with Red Lodge.