Hoop FAQ

How do I start my own Hoop?

We are excited to partner with you in creating a Hoop in your area! If you are not already a member of WWRL, please join first by clicking here.

If you’d like to learn more about Hoops first- what they are, and what they entail- you can access the first three chapters of the handbook here. Once you become a member you will receive the full handbook to explore.

Once you are a member of WWRL, follow the steps below to create your own WWRL supported Hoop!


Thank you for joining WWRL and for your interest in this service program! We are excited to support you in birthing and nourishing your Hoop. To begin, please follow the outlined steps below.

Step One: Fill out the Hoop Facilitator Form

Please fill out and submit the Hoop Facilitator Form here. Once this form is submitted, you will receive the Hoop Handbook in full.

Step Two: Check your Email

Please check your email over the next few days for a welcome email from WWRL.

Step Three: Create Flyers, Advertise, and Track Expenses

If you requested support with advertising or marketing, our Communications Director will be in touch with you. If you requested support covering Facility Rental costs for your Hoop, our Hoop Coordinator will be in touch. In the meantime, please begin to track expenses in the Hoop Finance Form PDF here.

Step Four: Complete the Hoop Roster Form

Once you have a list of participants for your Hoop, please complete the Hoop Roster form by clicking here. Let your members know that they will be added to the WWRL email list. (We take your privacy seriously and never sell lists or email addresses.)

Step Five: Introduce your Hoop

As soon as your Hoop begins, send us a brief introduction of your Hoop- a paragraph or two highlighting the theme, desires, etc. of what you will be creating during your journey together. Email your brief description to webweaver@wwrl.org. Be sure to include the name of your hoop as well as a way that others can get in touch. This description and contact information will be included on the WWRL website. See examples here.

Step Six: Report Statistics

We ask that you please collect and report statistics at the end of each month including attendance and donations. As an organization, this assists us in tracking our reach in communities as well as allowing you an opportunity to give and receive feedback. You can fill out the Statistics Reporting Form at the end of each month or meeting here.

Step Seven: Spread the News

Throughout the year, we will publish Red Lodge news via our Facebook Page, in our Love Notes from the Hearth, and in our quarterly Hearth Letter. Submissions are encouraged from all Hoops! If you have something you would like to share with the community please do so by emailing webweaver@wwrl.org. Submissions for the quarterly Hearth Letter are due on or before March 10th, June 10th, September 10th, and December 10th and can be sent to hearthletter@wwrl.org. Please share! Our members love to hear what is happening in your communities!

Additional Resources: 

WWRL Wheel of the Year

Sacred Circles by Robin Deen Carnes and Sally Craig 

There is much in the planning from Woman’s Way Red Lodge as we co-create healing and empowering and nurturing spaces for people in our communities. Many blessings for your Hoops in whatever form they take this year. Please contact weavinghoops@wwrl.org if you have questions or are in need of resources or support.