to sustain the heart of Red Lodge

Thank you for your interest in joining Red Lodge. Annual membership fees
support and grow Red Lodge services in our communities. Come participate
in sharing positive and creative energy with future generations!

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LODGE CIRCLE – $50 annually
Join a circle moving energy through the vibrant core of Red Lodge!
Lodge Circle members contribute inspiration, time, creativity and resources as we:

  • collaborate to produce programs and events
  • create and offer sponsored workshops, ceremony and mentoring
  • call in the unfolding vision for Red Lodge
  • participate in consensus process at WWRL Wisdom Councils
  • mentor and step into WWRL Board Positions

SUPPORT CIRCLE – $25 annually
Join the growing network of women, men and families who support the Red
Lodge vision! Annual membership fee includes our immediate family
members. Support Circle Members are invited to:

  • enrich and enjoy programs through participation and offerings
  • create and offer sponsored workshops, ceremony and mentoring
  • attend Red Lodge Wisdom Councils (annual member forum)
  • contribute ideas and feedback, reflecting a broad circle of interest

Kindred businesses and non-profit organizations are invited to join this circle
of Red Lodge business members. We pledge to honor business practices
that sustain Mother Earth and respect the inherent value of all beings. Fill in
your contact info on the join form and a member of our staff will contact you.
Thank you!



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Thank you for JOINING US!

Membership fees and contributions fund and sustain WWRL, a non-profit
501(c)3 organization. Dues and donations may be tax-deductible.

WWRL safeguards member’s privacy. We never sell member addresses or
information. Please view our Privacy Policy for complete details.