The WWRL Leadership Fund encourages each member in Red Lodge to develop your leadership abilities and claim your role as a spiritual warrior in our rapidly transforming world.

This fund is available to assist anyone in joining as a Lodge Circle member or Support Circle member. It also assists Red Lodge leaders in attending meetings and trainings.

To inquire about funds, fill out this form. We look forward to helping you grow in your leadership goals!

Crystal Gordon

“I have deep gratitude for WWRL and the wonderful donors who make the leadership fund possible. I recently received a portion of funds to attend a training to become a Certified Detoxification Specialist. Because of the fund I was able to meet and learn alongside one of my mentors and teachers, Dr. Morse. During my week long training I not only took a deep dive into food and physical healing, I was able to deepen and connect more fully with my own spiritual path. What we eat, drink, breathe, feel, and think all become a part of who we are and it was such a gift  to work alongside a doctor who carries these beliefs and incorporates them into his teachings. My connection to my body and Spirit feel more harmonious and I now have the privilege of carrying this wisdom forward into my community! Thank you WWRL for providing a platform for positive change and supporting your members to walk their walk in the world! I feel well held as I step more into leadership roles in my business and life.”

  Vajra (Christian Kolesar)

“The WWRL leadership fund is an amazing resource for its members. I was lucky enough to receive money from this fund that helped me attend and represent WWRL at Starhawk’s Spiral Dance for Samhain. Without the critical funding from the leadership fund I would not have been able to attend the event, spread the wisdom of WWRL, and grow spiritually. Thanks to all who help support this fund and make spiritual growth a possibility in members’ lives.”

  Shimmer Lee 

“Using the leadership fund made me a better leader by allowing me the opportunity to attend a workshop that gave me tools to better manage my mood and take charge of my own happiness. In the workshop I learned how to connect better with my family, clients, coworkers, and my larger community. I originally hesitated in doing the workshop because of the cost, but when Red Lodge agreed to help through the Leadership Fund, I felt secure and happy in my choice to attend! If you have something in mind that you think could help your walk in the world in a positive way but have been putting it off because of the cost – reach out to WWRL and check out the Leadership Fund and other opportunities to grow within this amazing organization!”