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Recent Red Lodge International Programs:

Sahayatri Nepal: Empowering Women 2017 Each Spring Red Lodge raises funds for two sister projects across the globe, serving women and girls who face extreme poverty and oppression. One of those collaborators is Indira Ghale, who leads Sahayatri in Nepal. In Nepal, the funds raised in 2017 supported Nina Magar. Indira explained, “This year we want to raise money to build a house for one single mother – Nina –  who has no house because of the earth quake; she has no property … nothing. Her husband died a long time ago and she has three kids. Giving shelter for her is a good project that will help to protect her daughter. The house will be built in the Gorkha district and the village is kokhe ahile which is in the western region of Nepal. Thank you so much, my friends, for being with me to work for the voiceless people.” Can you imagine being a single mother with three children and having your house destroyed by a 7.8M earthquake just two years ago? Thank you for opening your hearts and helping Nina, who can now join Indira in becoming an advocate for women’s empowerment, girls’ safety and education. Click here to donate to Sahayatri Nepal.
CEPACET: The Poultry Project for Grandmothers in Kenya 2017 Jared explains about the funds needed for grandmothers in Kenya: “CEPACET works with communities to improve their livelihood and to promote peace. For several years now Red Lodge has been our great supporter and we are so grateful. We have farming, sewing and bakery projects specifically for women, courtesy of our friends at Red Lodge. We will be so grateful to initiate a Poultry Project for a group of women in rural Kenya who help us with the orphan children program. It will be based in Nyamira County, in the western part of Kenya, to improve the livelihood of 16 grandmothers taking care of orphaned children and the orphans themselves. The Poultry Project will ensure that the grandmothers earn an income which will help them be able to support the 80 vulnerable children they serve. It can get tough to be able to cater for the needs of the children – more so with the school fees, clothes, and other basic needs. While the Project will start small, it is expected that at least a  basic income will come out of the sales of eggs and chicken meat.Proceeds will go into the children’s program and the eggs will help in the diet for both the grandmothers and children. The funds raised by the Red Lodge community will be used to construct a chicken house, buy 200 chicks to start with and food for the poultry. In the future we hope to expand by having a hatchery so that the grandmothers can also sell chicks to the community.” Thank you, Jared, and to the many Red Lodge service project donors who help sow seeds of prosperity for women and children in Kenya.Learn more about CEPACET at  Donate to CEPACET through Woman’s Way Red Lodge here.
Sahayatri Nepal: Empowering Women 2016  Nepalese women who live through civil war, a caste system, poverty, and the daily dangers of sex trafficking and rape are given hope through the tireless work of Indira Ghale. Frustrated with official channels which fund only urban service projects, Indira launched an independent NGO – Sahayatri Nepal –  to serve the needs of women in rural communities. During a trip to the US to attend a leadership conference, Indira met Connor Sauer at a drum circle in Joshua Tree, where the two felt an immediate heart connection. “It was my first time playing the drum – so full of joy, hope and peace in a circle. I thought how we all come to the drum, so many different voices, and the drum, she makes us with one voice”. Indira had been traversing the globe, working with the UN against racism, sex trafficking and caste discrimination in Nepal. She consulted on projects to help women stay free from HIV/AIDS and was committed to human rights campaigns. But after that drum circle, Indira knew her calling was back in her home country, helping the voiceless,  caste-ridden Nepali women in the hill villages. Her tireless work through Sahayatri Nepal has made a difference: caste-based discrimination has lessened, women’s cooperatives provide livelihood and support to families, girls are being trained in leadership programs, victims of domestic violence are seeing justice served in their courts, some women receive scholarships for college, others receive needed medical treatment, and more households have access to plumbing and clean drinking water. Indira has opened up her world to members of Woman’s Way Red Lodge, offering to arrange home-stays and volunteer opportunities. Personal connections of friendship to share ideas, lifestyle, culture and videos are hugely appreciated, she says. Contributions of any size make a big difference in Nepal. The ripples of Woman’s Way Red Lodge are felt in the remotest corners of the world, and together we can deepen our connection and work. Click here to donate to Sahayatri Nepal.
CEPACET: Grass Roots Mama Empowerment 2016
In rural Kenya, men have left most of the bread-winning responsibilities to the women. Unfortunately, many women with little or no education lack a stable way to generate income. And gender inequalities often mandate that women provide sex in order to access basic opportunities. One man, however, has developed a project in collaboration with the Center for Partnership and Civic Engagement (CEPACET) that is making a radical difference in the lives of rural Kenyan women. Jared Akama Ondieki started a gardening project as a way to foster peace and change, by teaching farming to women. Woman’s Way Red Lodge was able to send money for seeds last year.Jared writes:“Last month, I was able to mobilize some funds which went into training of the women on the Peanut Project as well as buying a Peanut Processing Machine. The women are now ready to produce peanut butter which shall be sold in supermarkets. We got a lot of peanuts from the CEPACET Demonstration Farms last season which I hope will help kick-start this Project.I just wanted to share this and thank you very much for all the support you have given. I so much hope that this Peanut Project will grow to greatness and even international so that the widows can became more economically empowered. I hope in the near future we shall be able to mobilize more funds to buy one more processing machine as well as help them do bigger farms for peanuts as the project progresses.Please pass my sincere appreciation to all members and let them know that once we are in a position we shall be able to send each a container of the peanut butter.Thanks so much my friend for giving this project a chance.Warm regards,  Jared”Thank you, Jared, and to the many Red Lodge service project donors who help sow seeds of prosperity for women in Kenya.Learn more about CEPACET at www.cepacet.orgDonate to CEPACET through Woman’s Way Red Lodge here.See the Women’s Farming Project in action.

Marked with two strands of prayer ties and painted tipis standing proud and tall in each direction, the sacred circle is alive with the energy of good will and peace. People of all ages and colors stream through in the daytime, and at night the sacred fire in the center draws us on to drum and dance…I am so proud and grateful to [all] from Red Lodge who come to join our sister Eli Painted Crow in her vision to show up …to drum for peace and honor all veterans. Together, we keep our drum going from daybreak Friday until the very end [of the 4-day peace vigil on the grass in front of the Washington Monument]. Together, we welcome men, women and children to the drums.
–Mary G.L. Shackelford, Red Lodge MemberLearn more about drumming for peace with Turtle Women Rising at
KIVA: Micro-loans Alleviating Poverty
“El Atardecer” (Dusk), Oaxaca, Mexico

This group is called “El Atardecer” (Dusk) and it’s composed of seven hardworking, indigenous people from Pinotepa Nacional.  One of the group members is Agustina, 49. Doña Tina, as her group members call her, has been making “memelitas de manteca” (Mexican snack) for the last 20 years. She rises very early, at four in the morning. She washes her corn and grinds it for masa since she has a mill at home (shown in the photo). Then, she takes her lard and coffee to the market where she prepares the memelitas de Manteca.Her daughter, Guadalupe, goes out to sell them among the stands in the market.She tells us that she enjoys her business very much; it has helped her provide a better life for her family. She requested the loan to buy more ingredients to make the memelitas: two sacks of sugar, one bag of coffee because she sells coffee to go with the memelitas, ten bags of corn, three tubs of lard and two loads of firewood. She comments that she’s very grateful to the Fundación for helping all the indigenous people and workers who earn their daily bread with their work to provide for their families. Learn more about Kiva’s lending at
KIVA: Micro-loans Alleviating Poverty
Fiorela, Animal Sales, Peru

Fiorela is a member of the governing board of the San Miguel de Ayacucho communal bank which is starting its 7th cycle with 17 members. She has a live-in partner and a 3 year old son. Fiorela and her mother buy and sell animals. They travel to the various livestock fairs to conduct business. She also farms vegetables on her family’s farmland and she sells her agricultural product to the wholesale foodstuffs market. Fiorela also works as a salesperson in a store. Red Lodge donated funds to her through Kiva to buy animals. Her dreams are to own her own house, to provide a good education to her son and to have her own business. Learn more about Kiva’s lending at
KIVA: Micro-loans Alleviating Poverty
Marigold Duca, General Store, Philippines

Marigold Duca is a married woman who earns her living by operating a general store. Her husband Edgardo Duca Jr., who is 33 years old, works as a tricycle driver to earn his living and also helps in his wife’s business activities. They have four children who are 1 to 11 years old. Marigold joined NWTF-Project Dungganon in 2004 because she aspired for something better for her family. With the help of Red Lodge’s support and through NWTF-Project Dungganon, Marigold has been incrementally lifting her family out of poverty by the sweat of her brow. Her previous loan of 17,000 Philippine pesos (PHP) helped her earn a monthly profit of PHP 5,000, thus uplifting the family’s standard of living. In a world full of challenges, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF) is making a difference in the lives of thousands of women through Project Dungganon. Through the alleviation program, NWTF is empowering these women to progress from earning less than $1 a day to achieving realities that surpass even their dreams. They have taken a life path that will ultimately make them Dungganon – a title of esteem that is bestowed to a member of a community who has earned respect through a lifetime of hard and honest work.  Learn more about NWTF lending at
KIVA: Micro-loans Alleviating Poverty
Koko Dogbasse, Fruits & Vegetables, Togo

Coming from a very poor family and not having had the chance to attend school, Ms. Koko Dogbasse was born in 1966 and is a mother with three children. With the goal of providing for her small family, she got started very early on in the commerce of dried chili peppers. This is a business that generates very good income, especially in times of shortages. But in order to be able to make it happen, buying and creating an inventory must occur first. With the help of Red Lodge, Koko was able to double her income in times of shortages. Koko is grateful to Red Lodge and Kiva for their positive impact on her family’s standard of living.